Dear I was pompous and my sister was crazy.

Life is a bitch, and then one stabs you.

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The boat’s name was Phaedre.

She was a beautiful, slender thing; elegant smooth lines and a delicately shaped body. She’d been born for speed, and speed was what she thirsted for.

The uninterrupted horizon of the ocean glinted in the sun, as though shards of glass were caught in the foam of the waves and broke out the sunlight like prisms.

Ahead of them, a tall tree of white sails rose calm and sober.

Most likely this was the Belem, the French three-mast training ship. A beauty really. Almost as beautiful as the English Cutty Sark, or the Argentinean Libertad.

The Phaedre was built for speed, but the Tall Ships were built for steady pacing.

Phaedre was too small a boat to compete in the oceanic Tall Ships race, but as many of her size, she sailed along, a companionable childish presence flanking the elevated walls of ancient wood that composed the stunning frigates.

The sun was a golden disc of blinding light suspended lazily upon the endless blue of the horizon. It caught in the steel stays attached to the mast and shone like liquid gold, spilling orange along the long white surface of the wide sails and the smooth paint of the deck.

There was a peculiar, fascinating calm in the ocean. The vastness of the quietness that surrounded them made it feel as though the Phaedre were alone in the whole wide Universe, white sails in the horizon notwithstanding. Much like the silence found in the deep isolated lands of farms or forests, the silence was alive and vibrated, pulsated with life.

It was power held back.

The potential for destruction that the ocean held was such that it easily overwhelmed.

Like a lion, that in the long smooth lines of muscles beneath soft skin hides a power no man could dream of, the ocean, too, was all the more gentle and beautiful for its apparent calmness.


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