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Dear Diary...today I was pompous and my sister was crazy.

Life is a bitch, and then one stabs you.

1 September 1987
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I'm always awkward about these things... here it goes

I'm short, but wild. being the third and youngest daughter of a Navyman and a Biochemistran, I grew up to be cinic, ironic, acid and dead on rational. After two daughters I thought my dad dserved a boy, and so I dropepd out of ballet (I was never very good at it anyway) and tood up, in this order: gymnastics, fencing, taekwon-do, riding, aikido, sailing, archery. Archery is my newest fascination. I'm thoroughly very calm, but can be pushed to my limits; I am patient but excessively so. I've been writing stories since I was eight, and after I finish this career (this career being Advertising) I will study Literature.

I am, for all intents and purposes, a bookworm, or library mouse, or anything that amuses you to call my kind. I LOVE books, I get completely absorbed reading them, I enjoy them (so long as they are good) and I read them avidly. I enjoy basically any book, as long as it has a plot--I could never bring myself to read pure phylosophy, I admit.

I am generally attracted to fantasy, and a little to science fiction. I like fast paced movies but slow developing books that center upon the character's evolution and their minds and feelings. I can either be fully enraptured with a book or hate it deeply--I despise The Da Vinci Code yet absolutely love His dark Materials Series (The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, The Amber Spyglass--read the,m i highly recommend them).

I like comic books, both American en Manga. American wise I LOVE Batman, and like the dynamics of the relationship betwen him and Superman though if I am to be loyal to both characters, they should rightfully despise one another, they're so diametrically different. Boy scout hanging out with Dark Knight? Doubtful. But whatever, they're funny. I Like Thor, The Ultimates, Ultimate fantastic Four--in fact I like the Ultimates series a lot, perhaps more than the originals. I LOVE Fables. Manga? Bleh. Too many to bother naming.

I enjoy watchign movies, indeed I like going to the movies a LOT, having one nearby home (a disaster I tell you, I ought to move farther away lest I spend my whole budget on those rooms) but I don't much care for dramas or horror (dramas bore me, horror makes me laugh instead of flinch).

I guess is should call myself odd, excentric? Who knows? I'm a fluent work in progress, waiting to see what's around the riverbend.